Assignment 2 Vice Versa (ii)

Assignment 2 Vice Versa (ii)

I got many expressions of interest from talking with exhibiting artist at an Outdoor Gallery, and over the course of approximately one month arranged to photograph artists both in the space where they painted and again in their allotted exhibition space at a forthcoming Outdoor Gallery.

Although a final series of five themed photographs were required for this Assignment I photographed more than a single artist. The process of generating the five images depended on the successful coordination of several separate arrangements – involving mutually convenient times and places – in order that the images relevant to the Assignment be generated. For example each subject had to be photographed in their working space and then, (in order for the images to be useful), they had to be present at the next scheduled Outdoor Gallery in order that I could photography them there.  If for example it turned out that they were not exhibiting at the next Outdoor Gallery as previously planned it would delay by weeks the completion of the Assignment.

Another reason for not relying on a single individual subject related to my intension to use a plain background in one of the portraits. At the planning stage I was unsure of the logistics of making the background and also the possibility that the subject might not wish, even at the last moment, to stand in front of it. The contingency of having several subjects seemed prudent. In addition, photographing several subjects on the same theme allowed for unexpected, different and interesting situations to arise which might allow for the possibility of creative amendments to the initial concept (see above).

Subject A

Gallery 1 shows the subject in his home working space, and with his finished work displayed at an Outdoor Gallery. The final two photographs in the are an attempt at a decontexualised portrait. I had hoped for a plain white background but the logistics of putting this in place at the time of making the portrait did not work out and a nondescript background was used instead.

Gallery 1 (Click to enlarge) Subject A

Subject B

Gallery 2 shows the subject photographed in her working space, and with her displayed work at an Outdoor Gallery. Here the decontexualised portrait was taken against both a nondescript and a white background.

Gallery 2 (Click to enlarge) Subject B




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